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Bitter Springs, Mataranka by Jenny Hickinbotham

ARTIST NOTES: This photograph was taken on my trip from Melbourne to Darwin in 2016, when I travelled with my tent and my two dogs. The postage costs relate to a framed art work, if you choose to frame the print yourself then it would cost less to post. While swimming in this hot springs, I was lucky to see a water lizard, this is a beautiful peaceful place.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 60.00 cm X Width - 40.00 cm )
GENRE Impressionist
REGISTERED NRN # 000-36699-0164-01
COPYRIGHT © Jenny Hickinbotham
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Artist: Jenny Hickinbotham


I have been painting for about ten years now, I started by attending Life Drawing sessions at The-Art-Room in Footscray, Melbourne.  Then I did some courses such as Drawing for Beginners and Painting for Beginners with Erika Gofton, I ventured into Portrait painting with Celeste Chandler who I love as a teacher and a human being.  I did many other courses and learned and kept growing my art skills.  I did regular Open Studio sessions at the Footrcray Arts Centre with Darian Pullen, as well as with Erika at The-Art-Room, both supported me with various paintings.  My main medium at this early stage was oil on linen, however, I have also tried Pastels, charcoal, ink, acrylic paints, lino-cut printing, etching and paper stuck onto hardwood board to create collage.  

Thanks for enjoying and loving my art creations.  I am currently a student at RMIT Fine Art and I am focussing on video/moving image as well as sound art, late 2018 I have returned to painting with acrylics and abstract styles, which Rotary shows are not really enamoured of.  And I still attend many classes at The Art Room where I investigate painting, portraiture and classical art techniques. 

2016 I spent travelling round Australia in my car with a tent and two dogs, wow, what a great way to find yourself, experience our beautiful country side and enjoy yourself.  2017 I went overseas with RMIT to Venice Biennale, Berlin, Kassel Documenta 14, Paris, and Arles Photography Festival, this was amazing, people had photographs stuck on their outside house walls, everyone was in on it.  As well I went on my own to Barcelona and Madrid where I saw Picasso's famous Guernica, which is really magnificent.  2018 I went again, with RMIT to Florence, italy, we had a base at SACI Instittue (USA owned) and walked the streets each day visitine museums, galleries, cathedrals, drawing, painting, collage (in the studio), photography, sound art and video.  i also visited Sicily, Puglia, The Lakes, Milan, Naples, Pomeii (which blew me away) and Rome, of course.

I am a lucky, lucky person, so get into art, you can do anything and even express your opinions and ideas....

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